We combine our technology know how, industry experience, and commitment to client success to provide solutions that help meet the needs of our federal government and commercial clients.

:: HouseCall’s professional technicians have been providing Technology services to the US Congress since 1997. 
:: HouseCall is strategically partnered with select industry leaders in government contracting and business solutions.
:: Our flat-rate allows us to provide a proactive and personalized approach while reducing cost without sacrificing amount and quality of services

HouseCall currently provides White-glove systems administration service to over 2,000 Congressional Members and staff.  HouseCall has experience in supporting not only clients on the Hill, but remotely supporting close to 120 locations nationwide (including most US Territories) in all matters of IT support.

HouseCall’s client service is unmatched in supporting Congress as confirmed by complete customer satisfaction and an unblemished record in client support, having never received a registered client complaint.

HouseCall is a small business, focusing on Information Technology consulting, support and partnering. HouseCall has been providing complete systems administration and IT consulting to the House and Senate since 1997, with its founder researching best technology practices. This research lead to working as the lead staffer on the House Technology Task Force set-up by a prominent conference to find efficient ways to make use of existing technologies for Members of Congress to better communicate and work with staff and constituencies utilizing existing and emerging technologies.  From this research was pioneered a complete shared systems administrator model that lead to HouseCall’s formation to provide support meeting the needs and demands of Congressional offices.  This model continues in HouseCall’s commitment to service, expanding from Congressional and Committee offices to other facets in Congress and the private sector. We reduce cost to any organization while increasing their level of provided services with our talent, capabilities and unique flat-rate investment in the success of all our clients.

The HouseCall standard approach to improving IT services is holistic.  We consider all phases and factors of a project during the project planning stage to satisfy client requirements and to anticipate and mitigate potential risks.  Our personnel are well versed in current technologies and continue to look for new and better technologies that improve performance throughout the life cycle of a given system.  Our knowledgeable and skilled staff of technicians is available 24/7/365 to offer direct, personalized service that is customized for each client’s requirements.  We are not a cookie-cutter support team where one size fits all. Our model is flexible and can provide any size organization and budget without sacrificing our level of service.

Our team of Systems Administrators and Support Center also perform Complete IT and network management in addition to acting as a focal point for decisions involving hardware/software procurement and interfacing with system integrators and government IT personnel, where applicable. Additionally, we provide a skilled team, the infrastructure, and the resources for website and software design and development for projects such as database driven websites.  

Our commitment to complete Information Technology support includes our competitive advantage in supporting alternative technologies and solutions found with Linux and Apple products, and professional Google Apps.  Often these technologies can provide equal, if not better, solutions for far less in overall cost when compared to standard Microsoft options.

HouseCall also provides alternatives to large-scale, big budget infrastructures without sacrificing quality of options and technology.


Desktop and Server troubleshooting and support, Network integrity, wireless devices, information assurance, data encryption, firewall prevention and protection, secure IT connections, biometrics, IT project management, call center, IT resource and support control, Internet surveillance, web presence management, database support and management, alternative technologies, videoconferencing solutions and all things Apple.


Apple Computers and technologies, Polycom videoconferencing and voice solutions.