Smartphone Security – Protecting your Personal Information

Mobile devices are taking over the way that we work, play and interact with people on a daily basis. Thus, securing these devices should be a top priority, but all too often it’s not.  With the growing popularity and increased utility of smartphones comes greater vulnerability.  Today’s smartphones are faster than an average computer purchased… READ MORE

Tips and Tricks for Your Blackberry

Due to the 24/7 access that it grants us to news, information and work email, the Blackberry is a staple in both the government and business world. While the Blackberry continues to gain prominence in our everyday lives, it is still not a replacement for a real computer. However, with a couple of handy tricks… READ MORE

Why didn’t all my contacts transfer?!?

Have you ever been frustrated when you transfer your contacts over from your Blackberry device to outlook but for some reason not all the contacts transfer over? This issue is very common and we at HouseCall deal with it a lot.  Here is a quick guide to ABC Amber Converter which is the software we… READ MORE