Help! My inbox is almost full!

Do you receive the “Your Mailbox is almost full” message far too often?  Exchange Extended Mailbox (EEM) is the quick solution! The U.S. House of Representatives migrated to Exchange 2007 last year.  With this migration came several important changes to your email system. The change this post will focus on is the Exchange Extended Mailbox…. READ MORE

Tips for File Management

An office environment can be quite stressful.  Working under demanding conditions and short deadlines can lead you to cut corners in your work.  While it may seem you are saving time in the moment, it can (and usually does) lead to wasted time in the future.  A good example of this is creating computer files… READ MORE

Outlook 2010 Tips and Tricks

With the new release of Outlook 2010 Microsoft has again changed how things look and has moved a few icons around. Since Outlook has become such an essential part of everyone’s work workflow we decided to post a few tips and tricks to help smooth the transition and increase your productivity. One of the efficiency… READ MORE