Going Green

Green IT: Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly


main-img-2“Going green” is very popular these days – and not just with the average person. Businesses of all sizes are exploring ways they can be more environmentally friendly and are finding that making simple changes can be good for both their bottom lines and the environment! One area you might not think of making greener is your IT service.

Green IT means using green technologies that reduce your carbon footprint and improve your efficiency and productivity. HouseCall IT sells, supports and maintains many green IT products that could prove very beneficial to your business. As a leading provider of green IT service in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC, we can help make your business greener and maybe even save you money in the process.

Our Green IT Services

We offer a variety of useful green IT services and products to help your business reach its true potential. Learn more about our services and decide what will make the biggest difference for your business!

Virtual & Remote Office Development

One of your biggest business costs is the overhead – electricity, rent, heat, etc. – and that always has an effect on your bottom line. Virtual and remote offices can reduce or eliminate these overhead costs. When your employees work from home, you don’t have to pay for the overhead. Not only is this a great way to save your business money, but it is also great for the environment. Your employees don’t have to drive to work, and your building isn’t consuming energy, so there is a less detrimental effect on the environment.

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Polycom Voice & Video

Reducing travel emissions is another essential part of green IT. If you consider all the harmful emissions you put into the air by flying or driving long distances to meetings, it can really add up and hurt the environment. Green information technology like Polycom voice and video services eliminates the need for you to travel these distances, drastically reducing your emissions. This use of green computing also works well with remote offices, so you can easily meet with employees virtually, face-to-face.

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Virtualization is a new trend in green IT – and it could make a big difference for your business! Using VMware, you can create virtual servers, applications, desktops and more without having to buy new products. This means less waste, more space and more money in your pocket! In addition, since everything is virtual, it makes for easy access practically anywhere and allows for better collaboration between employees. So if you want to really delve into the technology side of green IT, this is a great option for you.

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SharePoint is another innovative form of green computing. It helps digitize your business while creating a secure place for employees to work together as well as helping to organize your day-to-day operations. Of course, going digital also means you won’t have to deal with piles of paper any longer – so when you need a specific document you can search for and find it quickly in an organized system rather than going through stacks of paper. You’ll save time (and trees!) with this green information technology service.

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Green IT in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC

If you’re ready to help your business go green, look to your technology first. Our array of green IT services will help make your business more organized and maybe even save you money – all while helping the environment. Our green IT comes with 24/7/365 white-glove support, so you can count on us to be there when you need us. Best of all, flat fee pricing assures you won’t pay more for great service. If you’re ready to make a change for the better in your business and the environment, contact us to learn more about our green IT services today!