IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation in MD, DC, VA

IT staffing can not only be a difficult endeavor, but an expensive one as well. Technology is constantly evolving, requiring constant training and re-training to ensure your staff is up-to-date with the most current skills is costly and time consuming—not to mention difficult!

To help companies avoid these costs and challenges, HouseCall IT offers IT staff augmentation services. So what exactly is IT staff augmentation? IT staff augmentation is a way for businesses to have full access to an IT department with a variety of skills and expertise without the expense of hiring full-time employees.

Whether you need IT professionals for a short term project or a long-term engagement, HouseCall IT has a team of experts at your disposal. Contact us today to learn more about our IT staff augmentation services.

What Are the Advantages of IT Staff Augmentation?

There are a number of advantages to using IT staff augmentation services, including:

  • Scalability – one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses today is they often lack the funding and expertise necessary to have the technology necessary to compete with major companies with millions of dollars and thousands of employees at their disposal. IT staff augmentation can help counteract this disadvantage by giving even the smallest businesses access to a full IT department at a cost they can afford.
  • Cost Effective – why pay full-time salaries for extra employees if their services are not needed year round? With IT staff augmentation you don’t have to. Pay only for the work you need, when you need it. This can save your companies thousands of dollars to invest in other areas.
  • Risk Mitigation – IT staff augmentation allows you to maintain control of your project in-house with your own IT professionals managing the project. We simply provide highly trained IT professionals to work on the project—allowing you greater access to your project than if you were to outsource it entirely.
  • Continuity – The IT industry is very fluid with few IT professionals staying at a job for more than a few years. IT staff augmentation allows you to continue to provide the same level of service in the event that you unexpectedly lose members of your staff.
  • Flexibility – never lose out on a big job again because you fear you do not have the IT staff or resources to deliver the product on time or as promised. Our IT staff augmentation services can help you stay ahead of your competitors by giving you nearly limitless IT expertise at a cost much lower than you would be able to offer if you employed only full-time in-house IT professionals.

Learn More About Our IT Staff Augmentation Services

If you are interesting in increasing the productivity and efficiency of your IT department while decreasing company costs, contact HouseCall IT today to learn more about our IT staff augmentation services. No matter your needs or unique challenges, we have the expertise to help you complete your project on-time and on-budget.

To learn more about our IT staff augmentation services in DC, Virginia, Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic, call HouseCall IT today at 703.651.2314!