Polycom Solutions


HouseCall, LLC is a preferred reseller of Polycom products on Capitol Hill and we specialize in providing telecommunication, videopresence and videoconferencing solutions to Members of Congress, Committees and Leadership offices.

An increasing number of Congressional offices are utilizing the amazing, high-definition communication of videoconferencing.  Videoconferencing allows our clients to quickly connect and collaborate in a “face-to-face” environment with key players to solve pressing problems; congratulate constituencies; receive key testimonials; conduct staff business, or to simply introduce new staff members in remote offices.  

HouseCall, LLC advises Congressional offices on their telecommunication options and we have successfully implemented telepresence solutions from the desktop to the conference room. We take the guesswork out of the  selection;  purchasing and implementation process so that our clients can enjoy the benefits of advanced virtual communication that is best suited for their needs.

Our Congressional clients appreciate the savings that videoconferencing provides:

·      Budget savings – The Member can schedule meetings without the cost of plane tickets, lodging, and other travel-related expenses. 

·      Environmental savings – Reduce carbon emissions and conserve resources by allowing the Member and/or staff to meet via videoconference instead of traveling.

·      Productivity savings – Videoconference meetings allow the Member and/or staff to conduct meetings in the comfort of their office(s).  This reduces the amount of time spent traveling from meeting place to meeting place and allows additional time for quality meeting face time. Additionally, the Member does not have to miss out on important district meetings due to an unexpected change in the Congressional schedule!  With high-quality video conferencing, the Member is able to fulfill obligations in Washington and maintain an active presence and availability with constituents.

For more information on how we may assist your office, please contact: Michelle Baker at 202-905-2722

Why is videoconferencing better than traditional speakerphones?

The primary motive for selecting videoconferencing over a traditional speakerphone is the ability to see the people with whom you are conferencing.  It feels much more like an in-person meeting.  Video conferencing allows people to see facial expressions and body language that cannot be viewed when talking on the telephone, giving everyone a clearer understanding of what is being communicated.  Furthermore, when using a speakerphone, groups of people tend to speak over each other without the visual cues necessary to determine when someone is going to finish speaking or begin to speak.  Videoconferencing allows these cues to be visible, making communication more clear and everyone less frustrated.

Videoconferencing can be less expensive than using a traditional speakerphone through your phone lines.  Videoconferencing units can be set-up on the existing network protocol that connects District offices to DC.  This network system can accommodate videoconference at no additional per-minute long distant charges; charges that would apply per-minute using traditional speakerphones.

Another reason to choose videoconferencing instead of a speakerphone is that the sound quality of the videoconferencing unit exceeds that of a speakerphone.  This means that even without the video, it is easier for people to understand each other through a Polycom unit than through a traditional speakerphone.  Moreover, when using a speakerphone people tend to need to speak at a high volume to be understood on the other side.  When two large groups of people are trying to communicate, this can quickly turn to shouting.  With videoconferencing, people are able to speak at their usual volume without feeling as though they need to shout.

In some cases, a speakerphone is more pragmatic in suiting an office’s needs.  Polycom offers top-of-the-line sound quality in their speakerphones that can mitigate many commonly found issues with standard speakerphones. For example, No need to shout, Polycom’s microphone technology presented by Polycom can pick up room conversation from a distance.

Why Choose Polycom?

·      Polycom has been and continues to be an innovative leader in video conferencing.  

·      Polycom provides the clearest sound and highest video quality at affordable prices, and can be configured to exclude        cost per minute, saving money in long-distance calls.

·      Polycom equipment is quick to set up and very user friendly.

·      Polycom is an environmentally friendly company and uses renewable energy sources.