24-Hour IT Support

24-Hour IT Support


What do you do when you need IT support late at night or on weekends? For many organizations, in-house technical staff is already in place to service and support daily IT requirements. What may be lacking is a reliable extension of those technical services that extends beyond the normal work hours. Often IT problems arise when employees are working late while trying to meet deadlines. In addition, software implementations and system upgrades are generally best completed during night hours, so as not to interrupt normal daily productivity. Many times, there is no backup system in place for when in-house technical staff takes vacation or sick time. Having 24-hour IT support can be critical to the continuity of normal business. With HouseCall IT’s 24-hour technical support, you can rest assured we are there for you whenever you need us, any time of the day or night. You’ll also find that since we use flat fee pricing, our 24-hour IT support costs less than a full-time employee!

Benefits of 24-Hour IT Support

Having after-hours IT support can be extremely beneficial to your business. With 24-hour technical support, you can:

  • Feel comfortable working late, knowing we are there if you need us
  • Schedule system upgrades and updates at night when it won’t bother employees
  • Have an experienced technician ready to help you in an emergency
  • And more!

You don’t want to get stuck waiting for hours when you need immediate technical help! Our 24-hour IT support guarantees you’ll get the help you need whenever you need it.

Our After-Hours IT Support

Our goal is for you to offload the strain and administrative burden of 24-hour IT support while reducing any down-time that comes along with IT issues. Our 24-hour IT support includes:

  • Helpdesk service and support
  • Software and system upgrades
  • Emergency server maintenance

Whatever support you need to keep your business up and running even outside normal business hours, we have the expertise to help you. In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, it is sometimes necessary to work at night or on weekends. At HouseCall IT, we understand not all business activities occur between 9 and 5, so our 24-hour IT support professionals are here to support you whenever you’re working!

24-Hour IT Support from HouseCall IT

HouseCall IT offers 24-hour technical support with flat-fee pricing to businesses and organizations in the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC metro area as part of our full service line or as a supplement to your existing IT staff. No matter how your technical team is structured, HouseCall IT can provide the services needed to fill the gaps with the same quality white-glove, 24-hour IT support we have become known and respected for. Not only is our service available 24 hours a day, it is also available 365 days a year. Weekends, holidays, in the middle of the night or in the middle of the day – we are ready to help you with any of your technical issues.

  • Helpdesk service and support
  • Software and system upgrades
  • Emergency Server Maintenance

If you’re located in Northern Virginia, Maryland or the Washington, DC metro area and are seeking a reliable 24-hour IT support company, contact HouseCall IT today!