Managed Network Security Services

Managed Network Security Services

Protecting your business information is as important as your proprietary business strategies and plans. Today, more people stay connected longer opening up the likely possibility of your network security being breached and information being compromised.

Unauthorized access, information theft and misuse, confidentiality breaches, virus and worm attacks are all daily threats to the success of your business. The result of any intrusion or misuse, either malicious or accidental, can mean significant network downtime, service interruptions, and even regulatory compliance issues that end up in costly litigation.

HouseCall IT offers the right combination of managed network security technologies with flat fee pricing to businesses and organizations in the Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland metro area  that will protect all of your information and communication from inside and outside threats. The right combination involves our expertise of having implemented the many different network security, detection and monitoring solutions that are available. Layering these tools within a sound infrastructure will prove critical in continuing to provide protection should one of the layers of tools fail.

Our managed network security solutions will afford any business the confidence that their data and web sites are secure. Some of these technologies we use are the very same used by the United States Congress, as well as other government entities and private clients.

Security, Intrusion Detection and Monitoring Solutions include:

Virus and Firewall Protection and Monitoring

HouseCall IT makes sure that your network is continually monitored and checked for suspicious content, unexpected traffic and other anomalies that cause unwanted behaviors through intrusion prevention systems (IPS). With the proper security, downtime and loss of data that results from the unwanted outcomes of viruses and worms, can be head-off through early warning detection so that business can continue seamlessly.To protect from unwanted exposure and unauthorized access through spyware and other malicious software, a firewall is placed to prevent uncredentialed entities from entering your network. A Unified Threat Management (UTM) may also be considered, that brings multiple network security capabilities to one platform providing your firewall, web filtering, VPN, and anti-virus and spam capabilities.

Access Controls and Identity Management

Identity proofing, credentialing and granting access can be accurately accomplished with two-factor and multi-factor authentications. We also offer a unique authentication system through Anakam TFATM that uses cell phones, pagers, home or office phones with an 80% savings over hard token key fob systems. This is an ideal solution for employees, contractors, business partners, patients, citizens, etc who don’t have a CAC or access to a reader.

Wireless Security

The use of mobile devices such as laptops and phones have created the need for greater wireless security measures safeguarding businesses networks. HouseCall IT uses the most advanced wireless intrusion prevention systems (WIPS) in order to counteract wireless intrusion risks, allowing for the continuity of operations.


Implementing a sound back up and recovery plan is critical to any IT operational plan. Having good tools in place will minimize loss of user data and database corruption in the event of even the smallest disaster. HouseCall IT’s managed network security assessment will help you to first identify your overall needs, determine the types of backup options available, help choose which option is best for your company, then prepare plans and policies, followed by execution and maintenance.

Windows RMS (Rights Managed Systems) technology

Windows RMS truly enables organizations to “control” information. RMS is technology used by industry in both the private and public sectors that addresses network security and protection at the content level. Working with the highest level of encryption, content security is addressed in storage, in transit and as it is being used – ensuring against malicious and/or accidental misuse.

Content Filtering

Unlimited access to the internet can be effectively managed to ensure that the intended benefits are being achieved. For many, this means placing parameters on which internet sites can be accessed and what bandwidth limitations should be set in order to avoid recreational surfing, and also ensuring adequate bandwidth for critical business needs.

IM Instant Messaging Auditing and Control

Working with FaceTime, we can provide policy management and perimeter security for Instant Messaging, Skype, and other real-time web-based communications. IM Auditor and RTG (Real-Time Guardian) reduces the risk of sensitive data leakage by giving your government customers control over who uses public or private instant messaging, what functionality users have on those networks, and the ability to audit, log, and archive IM conversations for future discovery. Additionally, this enterprise solution provides the capability to identify and stop spam, viruses, worms, rootkits, keyloggers, bots and other “greynets” designed to gather and destroy sensitive data.

Incident Response, eDiscovery, and Information Assurance

Detection is part of the compliant process. We use tools that allow for forensics, computer audits, insider threat and incident response, and Infocon baselining so that clients can peer deeply through their networks to understand what is stored or occurring on any computer, and if necessary, forensically preserve and/or remediate it without disruption to current operations.

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