Virtualization Company in Washington, DC


Virtualization is a great option for today’s businesses. It allows for increased efficiency and reduced cost, among other important benefits. If you’re looking for virtualization support in the Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC area, look no further than HouseCall IT. We are partners with VMware and can offer you the virtualization services this software provides. While virtualization might seem like a space age technology, it could actually make a big difference for your business. Let us help you add VMware to your business so you can see how great virtualization will be for your business.

What is Virtualization?

So what is virtualization? Virtualization, in its most basic form, is creating something in the virtual world instead of using an actual concrete product. Virtualization in the IT world applies to servers, desktops, applications and other computer related items. So, instead of having a desktop on an actual computer, with virtualization a desktop is created online. It has all the functions of a normal desktop, but it does not exist solely on a single computer. Virtualization also allows for one computer to run several different operating systems at once.

Benefits of Virtualization

There are many benefits to virtulization. Whether you’re a startup company or a large corporation, virtualization can be great for your business in more ways than one! Virtualization can:

  • Reduce your IT costs by 50-70% overall
  • Give you remote access to your servers
  • Allow your employees to collaborate more effectively
  • Increase IT efficiency
  • And more!

As you can see, virtualization can be very beneficial to your business. You can save money and increase efficiency, so it’s really a win-win situation! And if you’re in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, making the transition to virtualization is a breeze with HouseCall IT’s 24/7/365 services! Contact us today to get started or to learn more about the advantages of virtualization!

Virtualization Options

There are a few different ways to virtualize your information technology. Two of the most common, desktop and server virtualization, can prove very useful to your business:

Desktop Virtualization

Instead of having your desktop located on a single computer, why not virtualize it so you can access it anywhere? Desktop virtualization allows you and your employees to access a particular desktop from any electronic device, providing the ability to work remotely. You could also give several people access to a single desktop so they can more effectively work together. Our desktop virtualization company could really revolutionize how you and your employees work.

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization offers the opportunity to virtually create more than one server to exist on a physical server. In many cases, the servers you already have aren’t using up all their potential, but without some expertise it is difficult to fully utilize all that power and not overwhelm the servers. This means as your network grows, you have to buy more and more servers to keep up. With our server virtualization services, all these extra servers aren’t necessary. It enables you to use all of the resources already available in your existing servers to create virtual ones, saving you money every year.

Virtualization Services in MD, DC & VA

If you’re ready to see the difference VMware will make for your business, give HouseCall IT a call. We’ll help set up your virtualization systems, and since we offer flat fee pricing and 24/7/365 white-glove support, we’ll always be there to help when you need us and you won’t have to pay more! Virtualization will make a big difference to your Maryland, Northern Virginia or Washington, DC business, and we’ll guide you through the process. Contact us for virtualization services today!