Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development, Internet Marketing & Social Media Integration

How well does your business come across on the Internet? Does your current website make potential customers want to go to another company instead of call you? In today’s highly connected world, an effective Internet presence is essential to success.

If you want to give your business the presence it needs online, contact HouseCall IT for Web design and development in the Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC area. We have a full service line of Web design and development services including Internet marketing and social media integration. We can help your business claim its rightful place online and as a result bring you new customers. If you’re ready to make your presence known on the Internet, call HouseCall IT today!

Effective Web Design & Development

New Media is HouseCall IT’s full service Web design and development group focused on the creation of widely appealing and functional websites that increase the effectiveness and reach of any size company. New Media leverages the latest media and social media tools to create highly productive sites that maximize brand awareness and facilitate interaction and outcomes.

As a result of our IT and software expertise, New Media is uniquely positioned to design and execute even the most sophisticated database driven sites and internal intranets, all with flat fee pricing.

Our Web Design & Development Services

We offer a wide variety of Web design and development services to help grow your online presence. Whatever way you feel would be best for your online strategy, we have a service to meet your needs. Our Web design and development services include:

  • Website and Internet design and development (database or non-database driven)
  • Content management tools
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Site monitoring and tracking tools
  • Multimedia including audio and video
  • Portal design and administration
  • Site administration and hosting
  • Social media integration and monitoring
  • Viral media and targeted marketing strategies
  • Online brand and reputation management
  • Bilingual website support for English and Spanish

As you can see, our Web design and development services are extensive, so you can come to us for whatever you need to increase your Internet presence!

Internet Marketing

Gain the most from the Web with tailored Internet marketing. We can help define, create and execute your targeted Internet marketing efforts including email campaigns, pay-per-click advertising, e-mail list building, banner campaigns, electronic newsletters, blogs and forums, Web video placement, online buy/sell ads and more. The Internet can be a great medium for reaching new customers – if used properly. HouseCall IT will help you develop an effective Internet marketing strategy to make the most of your online potential customer base.

Social Media Integration

In today’s market, organizations need to not only have a significant Web presence, but they need to know how to engage and monitor what is being said about their products or services on blogs, forums and other social media outlets. Our team works with you to build an Internet marketing strategy that includes successful social networking practices that work to continually promote and elevate your organization. With so many people on Facebook and Twitter these days, your business simply cannot ignore this potential customer base. Adding your business to these and other social media sites will promote you and allow your existing customers to show their support for your services.

Web Design & Development, Internet Marketing & Social Media Integration from HouseCall IT

Ready to get your business out there on the Web? Contact HouseCall IT for our Web design and development, Internet marketing and social media integration services. We’ll help you get your business where it needs to be on the Internet to be more successful. With our Web development services, you could see an increase in new customers – meaning an increase in your bottom line. If you want to bring your Maryland, Northern Virginia or Washington, DC business to the next level, contact HouseCall IT for Web design and development services today!